Writing a bio is the worst...

Rich & Kiss

Who wants to write about themselves? Sort of like listening to yourself on an answering machine.

Obsession for music is not a choice. For many lucky people music can offer an emotional experience that you can only see with your eyes closed. You can feel it numb you. And it all happens on the inside – "a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing". Music has the power to connect you with you.

Rich & Kiss believe that DJs have the sacred responsibility to turn that phenomenon into an experience that connects everyone with everyone. We crave the shared provocation of the crowd's passion. And we stimulate with some soul sifting beats. The entire set should massage the audience's psyche and convince them deeply to just fucking love. Themselves. Everyone. Now. Always.

Rich & Kiss' weapon of mass seduction? A tasteful mélange of deep house with thick, minimal tech loops. Sprinkle some soulful lyrics. Keep it seductive. Climax.

Keep it going and keep it real. Definitely keep it real. If we don't absolutely love it, feel it or believe in it then how can we expect the crowd to? That is definitely transmitted to the people by some poorly understood form of telepathic mind melding. There's so much to learn and improve that were always taking risks but we stand by our mantra, “if you love it, then play with it” (admittedly, an interesting take on seduction).

Let music do the rest.

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