A little bit about Rich & Kiss...

Rich & Kiss

Born directly across from each other in suburban Montreal, Rich & Kiss joined forces by the grace of the universe. By the age of 14, they were mixing sets with a household stereo amp, a 2-channel mixer and 2 CD players! But they were no exception to the sometimes-harsh reality of life. Going to school meant working full-time to support an education that paid off with Master's level accreditations in Biochemistry for Rich and a software programming career for Mr. Kiss. But that didn't stop them. Sometimes, passion can over power priorities.

Having grown dangerously tired of guidelines and alarm clocks, Rich & Kiss paused their linear life model to re-focus on what really mattered to them: the play button. Armed with one mixer, dope beats and an infinite supply of energy they have set out to battle the vicious monotony of routine... and it’s on!

Fast forward half a decade and Rich & Kiss are residents at one of Montreal's hottest underground house clubs; Peopl Night Club managed by the GotSoulRecords label. Their podcast, "House de Musique" has seen support from fans around the world who are eagerly awaiting the release of some highly anticipated productions.

Their music is very mature. They've developed a sophisticated twist to the underground scene with a characteristic sound that their fans have become accustomed to hearing; a tasteful mélange of deep house with thick, minimal tech loops. Sprinkle some soulful lyrics and Rich & Kiss are dripping with raw passion that provokes the good ol' fashion.

Bet your favorite aphrodisiac that you'll be hearing more of this emphatic duo.

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